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Do you want to pursue a childhood dream?

Well, I know you're experiencing a mixture of excitement, worry about practice and a little bit of anticipation. 


Check out my blog on  six reasons you're never too late to learn piano Never fear. All the emotions and feeling are normal. 


Rest assured that I'm a patient teacher and will make the lesson easy and I believe you can master it in a short time. 


Want to surprise your friends and family on special event?
Want to play a particular pop song from your favorite music album or movie?  

What have been stopping you from learning piano? 
May be you have these doubts... 

Is it possible to just learn one song?  
​YES, it is. I will simplify the music according to student's ability. 

How long does it take to learn just one song? 
It's only take 3-4 lessons. 

I am busy working...
​The timing is flexible. 

No piano at home? No worries...
Piano studio is available for rent for practice purpose.



Check out a video of my student after learning 3 months with me. 


Feeling amazed? 

Feel free to discuss with me about your goal, interest and what do you want to achieve with no obligation.​

Course Duration

"I feel age is no bar in enjoying or engaging in musical activities. It is a passion that can last an entire lifetime"

Ms Liew, piano teacher

What to expect?

  • In the first lesson: Getting started both hands work together. 

  • The most powerful 4 chords. 

  • The most popular 10 rhythms style.   

  • Left hand different accompaniment patterns. 

  • Most common chords progression. ​

  • How to read notes and how to count. 

  • Play chords and sing. 

  • Teacher will work towards the direction of student's interest and favorite song.

  • Student learn how to play piano through demo and copy, music sheet, handout...​