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6 Reasons You Are Never Too Late To Learn Piano

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Life, as you know it, is all about learning. Learning gives us a reason to live. Ask yourself, is there anything better about your life, than all the new relationships, wisdom, and experiences that come from learning.

Most people start learning piano at, say, seven, so it is best that you start learning right this minute, because if you are not learning, you are not growing. Those are some wise words that I have heard many times before. 

As adults, we are often driven by goals, and every step taken to reach them comes with a degree of frustration because you are not quite there yet. Sometimes this holds you back rather than help you advance, daunted by the difference between where you are now and where you hope to be, you feel so intimidated that you give up entirely.  

In many situations, both personal and professional, setting and reaching concrete goals is a good way to reach results. However when learning something in your personal time for fun and personal satisfaction, it pays off to just enjoy the process of learning as you do it. Get in the zone. PLAY! 

With piano, you can stop caring about improving, but instead just enjoy what you are doing and know that, however slowly and quickly, as long as you are always working on new things. If you have the means to desire to learn to play piano, then I suggest that you start right away, 

Here are several reasons why it is never too late to learn. 

1. Learning to play piano teaches you to be more patient. Patience is important, especially as you grow older. 

2. You can sharpen your eye-hand coordination and the mind. 

3. It is certainly a good idea to learn to play piano, particularly if you have a never-ending passion for music. 

4. As you get older, you are much better at expressing yourself. You can express yourself through the music pieces that you create from playing the piano. 

​5. Most adults find it difficult to learn a music piece, but once they achieve success in playing it, it feels even more satisfying than it would be if they were younger. 

6. The sheer joy of learning to play piano is more gratifying at older age. 

At the same time that you are busy looking for a piano teacher, it is important to obtain techniques or tips on how you can learn faster and preserve more information. Most individuals do not understand that when it comes to the learning process, it is not how much information they can cram into their heads at any given time, but how much information they can actually retain. Once you learn how to retain more information, you will realize that you are able to learn more rapidly and more effectively.