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6 Tips to Speed Up Your Piano Skills

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

When playing a piece, we have to interpret the piece and then make an active decision as to how we will adjust our tempo (speed) and style to reflect the style of particular period. With this being said, it can be a process that takes time to perfect and years of practice.

I have write the following 6 quick tips for you to speed up your piano skills. 

1. Listen, Listen, Listen 

Before you begin to create your own interpretation of a piece of music, you need to really listen close to what is being played. After listening many times, you will gauge the mood, tempo and style and therefore what the composer wants to achieve. 

Tips: Make sure you choose the quality recording. 

2. Begin to Shape One of the most basic things you can do on this journey is to begin by varying the volume whilst staying within the phrasing.

Tips: Play around with loud, soft, crescendo and diminuendo. 

3. Emphasize Phrasing Your music should always be moving forwards with a direction otherwise the audience will soon get lost and confused. 

Tips: Record yourself playing and then assess where you could be better. 

4. Add Some Colour Next, you can add certain moods by the use of tonal variations. By adding color, you can change the mood from bright to dark in an instant. ​ Tips: Change the way you approach to the piano. 

5. Mold the Articulation Also, you can mix in staccatos and slurs for effect before hitting the audience hard with a well-timed break of silence.

6. Use Your Body When it is required, you need to pull back and create a sense of wonderment with gentle movements. Then, when you reach the climax of the performance you can use bold gestures and dramatize the performance. Each piece of music tells a story and you can enhance that story by using your body movements. 

Try it today!