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A Surprising Fact You Never Know about Piano Lessons

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Over the time,we have encouraged children to read to boost their language skill.

The latest study released by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) may surprised you that a child who pick up piano lessons have positive aspects to build up the language compare to child who read.

The children who enroll in piano lessons are much more able to detect the sounds of consonants and hence it increase child's linguistic ability.

A group of 74 Mandarin speaking children, aged between four to five, divided into three groups:

  1. First group received piano training over

  2. Second group received reading training

  3. Third group received zero training

After 6 months, the students who learn how to play piano has unique advantage in detecting the sounds of consonants and vowels as well as pitch.

A surprising fact you never know about piano lessons

All three groups have equal results on general cognitive measures, including IQ tests, working memory and attention.

The results strengthen that learning piano has better advantage to reading books in enhancing language ability.

Children who learn piano are more able to distinguish between tone and pitch. PNAS © Bob et al

This can concluded that early childhood music training is beneficial for the development of brain regions.

Now, you might wondering what is the best age to start the piano class?