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Piano Lessons Made Simple

Do you want to surprise your friends in a party or a special day?

You might heard a lot of people telling you that playing piano it take many years of practicing.

This page will guide you the most easiest way to play piano and turns your dream into reality.

Let's started off.

About Keyboard

Piano keys are made up of black keys and white keys.

First, identify all the 2 black keys and 3 black keys grouping, 2 black keys, 3 black key and so on. This pattern is repeating over again and again.

Piano structure

When you sit in front of the piano, the 2 black keys grouping under the piano brand name is the middle part of the piano.

  • As you're going to the right, the pitches are going up. In other words, they're getting higher.

  • Oppositely, as you're going to the left, the pitches are going down and they're getting lower.

Piano Keys

By using the pattern of the black keys, let's now take a look at the letter name of the white keys.

Remember that between the 2 black keys the white key is D. It forms C D E.

Fingering numbers

Fingering numbers

Let's play now

Right hand is going to start off with a very basic chord, C chord which made up by three notes.

All the three notes are playing together (at the same time).

It's not easy to start this, but try this many times until your hands get used with the shape.

Right hand

Using right hand fingering 1,3 and 5 to play all these 4 chords over and over again.

Play each chord on the right hand for 4 times while counting 1,2, 3 and 4 to keep yourself playing at the steady beat.

After some time, you should be able to remember the sequence of these chords progression.

"Someone like you" 4 right hand chords progression

Left hand

The left hand is playing the single note with using different fingering numbers.

"Someone like you" 4 left hand notes

Hands together: The Most Basic Rhythm

The most common basic rhythm is 4 beats in a bar. In other words, play right hands X4 times against only single note on left hand.

"Someone like you" piano chords

Now, you can sing and play in front of your friends!

Someone like you chords