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Hate Piano Practice? This is what you can do...

Students need motivation to practice piano same goes as adult and teacher. Practice without making an improvement will only affect the productivity in the piano practice room.

Often, we have heard enough of practice 1 hour, 2 hours or even more. Hours of tedious repeating the same section, scales and technical finger exercise...

I am wondering after all these work hard, does the student make a big progress, practice correctly and achieve what have been told by piano teacher? Well, from what I observed this might not true...

In the piano teaching of my life, I have seen some students practice very HARD but only makes LITTLE improvement. The results is not effective.

Why not turn the practice into results?

What I recently start to do is provide a very specific checklist and goal for the students to achieve it beside having 100 days reward chart.

Creating a right checklist for each individual student according to their practice habit at home will turn all this into results.

The simple tool that turn the practice into results and motivate students to practice in order to achieve specific goal.

Last but not least, I always remind my students to practice as little as 15 minutes or 60 minutes or more for higher grade students.

Bear in mind that "cram practice" is very less effective than practice daily.

Happy practicing!