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The Most Powerful Piano Practice Secret You Never Ever Heard Before

The most common scenario that we face as a parent or a piano teacher today is the children never practice properly at home if we do not emphasize what is required. After all these, I will usually tell the student my expectation of the week, for example "practice 30 minutes" or "repeat the section for 5 times".

They are some students who benefit from this but obviously some are not because we aware how busy the Singapore schoolwork.

I have decided to try out another practice way to boost their practice session at home. I could even say perhaps this is one of the most powerful piano practice secret that I have never try before.

During the halfway through of the piano lesson, the student is required to practice certain section and show me the result. The most crucial thing is only 5 minutes will be given to them. The first response they give me is "Uhh, that's too little of time".

Perhaps you have the thinking what the student can do in 5 minutes. Surprisingly, student had the most compact practice as they try their very best as they aware only 5 minutes time is given.

The message that I want to convey is telling the student you need to finish this task within short time (5-10minutes) is far more powerful to let them know that they're going to have plenty of practice time today.

Do note the difference of having the mindset that you're going to have long hours to practice today and you're given 10 minutes to practice this section. The later one is kind of pushing the student the produce their best within very short time.

Perhaps student may use 30 minutes to practice the task but in fact they just need as short as 5-10 minutes time to produce an amazing and yet effective result.

Assign them as many practice task as possible to keep them 'busy' and limit their time of practice for each task. Don't forget to write down the specific goal that you want them to achieve.

I am sure they will have speedy progress.