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Teaching Philosophy

It's NOT what to teach

It's how to teach


I am convinced that students love piano when they able to cultivate a habit of practicing piano.


As we knew, most students choose to play games and ipad rather than playing piano.


Obviously, playing piano required patience, disciplined, persistence and dedication.


I believe that all students need encouragement and motivation and that's why I always reward to those students who make effort to achieve it. 

 Hate piano practice? This is what you can do...  

Concert and exam are an important element of piano lesson. These provide an opportunity to be able to play in front of friends and family without fear and build up their confident.

Click here for the ABRSM practical exam marking criteria.


Throughout my years of teaching, students always pay double effort when there is an exam.


Besides, exam is able to access their level, strength and weakness. They always will be surprised by what they have achieved.


Skipping grade is possible and depends on student's ability.

As a teacher, I am giving my students solid music foundation through notes reading, technique, scales, fingering, music interpretation, music analysis, music history, theory crash course and proper performance etiquette.



Lastly, I believe each student has different character and this makes each of them have different learning styles.


My goal is to embrace their individual styles and offer individual tailor-made lessons that best suit to them.


Thereafter, I always do the years planning and express clear expectations to help my students to reach the short-term and long-term goals.