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About Me

  • Distinction Diploma in Piano Performance LTCL from Trinity U.K.

  • Diploma in Piano Performance ATCL from Trinity U.K.

  • Distinction Diploma in Early Childhood Music Teaching from London College Music U.K.

  • Grade 8 Piano and Music Theory from ABRSM U.K.

  • Author of book "Learn Scales & Arpeggios Easily"


I began my first piano lesson when I was seven. I also picked up violin lesson when I was attending the university.


After I completed my degree studies, I decided to take piano lessons under Ms. Ralitsa Obretenova, Master's Degree, Piano Performance from National Academy of Music, the only one music school for professional musicians musicians in Bulgaria. Under guidance from her, I obtained my Diploma in Piano Recital LTCL and achieved distinction.

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I strongly believe that the secret of success in piano profession does not lie in how much I learn, but is not stopping my learning.


I wanted to become an outstanding piano teacher in Singapore and in order to pursue and strengthen my teaching career; I went for Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Music) under Mr. Thomas Tan who he has 40 years experience as a music specialist and holds Master in Education.


He was not only the Head of MOE Music Unit who creating and developing music curriculum for Primary and Secondary school, he was trained in Paris, France. Under guidance of him , I was awarded another high distinction by the London College of Music that is attached to the University of West London.


I am deeply passionate about employing piano teaching methods that are effective. I've attended Piano Teacher’s Training Program under Ms. Jenny. She has her qualifications with a Master of Arts (Music) from the Johannes Brahms’ Music Conservatory.


This training program has helped me strive for excellence in the art of piano teaching as I grow to be skillful every day for the benefit of my students.

Ms. Ralitsa Obretenova
Ms. Jenny
Mr. Thomas Tan
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I believe great piano teaching is not only able to play, it is about being able to teach.


As my career development, I have been attending masterclass offered by master teachers from different countries.


I believe my approach is unique and I continue to tailor it to each individual student’s needs.