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Cristofori Music School Auditorium

Rehearsal March 2019

Expressivo Piano Recital

March 2019

Beautiful memories with random pictures. 

Every performers enjoyed the performance! They put in a lot of effort, most importantly the progress of learning and improving with goals and achievement for more expressive music. 

Windows to the heart

March 2018

Time flies. I have been teaching for 8 months since I back from maternity leave. I cannot wait to organize the VERY FIRST public piano performance in front of the patients, visitors and parents. Is never easy to prepare a concert. 


The objective of this concert is use the music to reach the heart of each patient. It could be a great idea to prepare a mix of some pop songs and classical program this time.


One thing cannot be denied is that I have been putting extra effort on how to teach students incorporate chords and improvisations when teaching pop music instead of traditional way. At first, I am quite reluctant to branch into this area as I have no idea how to start with. 


However, sprinkling of pop has made me realized how the pop music can give my students a quick win even they're not pop fans.

A Musical Journey

June 2017

What a memorable moments where this is the first time my young students play on the world prestigious grand piano Steinway and Sons on stage. An unforgettable musical serenade where performers showcase their musical talent and amaze the impressionable audience in cool, air-conditioned comfort and good acoustics at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. 


It is always heartening to see how my students progress over these few years and they have been trying very hard to prepare for this concert. Besides, the students are able to watch performance of violin, flute and piano duets at this time round. 


It is always good to retain photographic memories of a musical afternoon. Everyone who had been present had no doubt enjoyed themselves. I'm looking forward for the coming concert in next year. ​